SAY NO TO PLASTIC: Every year a great amount of plastic waste is being added to our oceans bringing some of the marine lives at the brink of extinction. Plastic is toxic and regular plastic waste can affect not only marine and animal life but also humans in the long run.




TAKE THAT STEP: When we will look back at this time when we had the opportunity to make that difference by doing our bit, we will certainly realize the mistakes we made in our days which could have been avoided. For doing your bit to the environment “now” is the time, take that step towards being environmentally friendly.


Yes, the term “Zero Waste” means not only zero plastics, it means no waste at all. Maybe there are some people on this planet who can really do this. But for the rest of us Zero Waste will be impossible. If that sounds hard for you, don´t worry, I´ll explain it to you.  You can try as hard as you want, most of the time it won´t work to live without waste.
But I´m here to tell you two things:

1) it´s okay and

2) it´s not your fault,

it´s the system you´re living in. You can decide to live Zero Waste and do everything in your power. But if you´re going into the stores around your home and you can´t find flour which is unpacked and there are also no alternatives, then it´s not your fault. Therefore it´s very important that you understand that it´s not about trying to do it perfectly while you´re despairing. Expecting individual perfection while we´re living in an imperfect system is really silly.
So if I´m using the term “Zero Waste” I´m not talking about living without using or producing plastics, I´m talking about a sustainable and aware way of living. Zero Waste is not only about trying to produce less waste it´s also about rethinking your consume and your behaviour in general: reduce your dependence on things, use what you need and find a new home for all the stuff you don´t need.

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