Hi, I am Aaron I started this business up from scratch with my friend. We started out out as a TY mini-business in Gorey Community School, from there I decided to continue the business venture myself. I live on Tara Hill and always had a strong passion for business. This year I am taking part in the Student Enterprise Programme and way back in October we were told that this year's challenge was to Go Green so we decided to look into products people use every day, and what started out as phone cases has now started to expand. I am also very grateful for family and friends who have supported me through this journey and all I can say is that it has only just begun!  


Our Mission is to help us all become more environmentally friendly. We all need to reduce our use of harmful and single-use plastics because it’s hurting our planet and wildlife. We don’t see where the plastic goes when we throw it in the bin. But the truth is a lot of it will end up in landfill where it will be for the next 500 years! I do realise that many do not see the extent of the problem, as when they throw out a single-use plastic bottle they are brainwashed into believing they have done the right thing but the truth is that plastic bottle with be releasing harmful gases for many years to come in a landfill or if it's incinerated the fumes that it will release into the atmosphere are just as deadly.


In years to come, we want to become a well established and trusted Eco-Friendly brand, where we offer everything eco-friendly from the socks on your feet to the cup in your hand. We are working hard on sourcing other Biodegradable and reusable products and adding Samsung and Huawei phones to our cases. We do appreciate every single order and thank you for joining our journey to becoming a part of the GoECO community. 


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North Wexford,